Sophie D.
Such good eyeshadow

I picked Alchemist's Curse to review since it was the one Arcane Magic shadow I saw listed. When Fyrinnae's site is up (it appears to be down right now, sadface) you can order "sample" sizes of their eyeshadows for about $2, and a while back I went a little bonkers and ordered about 12 of these. Each is good for about ~20 applications, I believe, according to the website. ANYWAYS, these babies are awesome. They do change color under light, the pigmentation is great, and when I use them with this brand's Pixie Epoxy (similar to, but not the same as a regular eyeshadow primer) they last for hours. Arcane Magic is great for eyeliner, black with a shimmer that changes from sparkling pink to vivid green. All of the eyeshadows I received were wonderful, though, full-stop.

Caroline G.
Major WOW factor.

Love them. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on vegan eyeshadows so I got the 1/3 sized jar. They require a soft application. They can be applied wet or dry. What sold me was how pigmented they were when applied both ways. Plus the price they can't be beat.

I will be getting the full size eyeshadows next go around. They also offer a epoxy that is also under ten dollars, but for now I use Too Faced Shadow Insurance is Candle Light.

Smashley S.
Seriously, best bright and complex shadows out there!

I am in love with these shadows, I have a ton and not only are they awesome.. they're CHEAP too! $2 for a 1/3 jar that will definitely get you through a year if not more! I have made a LE shadow last over 20 uses now and I still have a TON left! Best used with their Pixie Epoxy which is also purchaseable on their site! :D

Laurence P.

Fyrinnae is my favorite brand when it comes to mineral eyeshadows ! They're just so pigmented and complex and they are really cheap i have a whooole bunch of them because of that !

Bhevarri C.
Great shadows

These are all you'd expect and more from an indie company. The colors are genuinely different and go beyond what you usually find in indie eyeshadows, in my opinion. All the colors I've tried have really been spectacular. Their mini size is a generous sample, and comes in a 3 gram jar for $1.50 while the full sizes come in 5 gram jars packed full without sifters. Seriously, tons of product. I find that these work better over Pixie Epoxy or another sticky base. I am really happy with all the shadows I've tried so far.