Papaya and Mango Moisture 3 Minute Conditioner


Kendra F.
mmmm...smells so good

The smell is intoxicating, but it will go away for the most part when you rinse out the conditioner. I detangle my hair before I get into the shower and this product went on smoothly. It looks like a jelly, but when you rub it into the hair it looks white and like a conditioner. I have only used it once, but I really like it and it is such a good price! it was only $1.55 at Winco, which is cheaper than the prices that most other people have bought it for.I wouldn't be able to say if it worked in three minutes because I always tend to leave conditioners on for an hour or more because of my hair texture, but I like that it left my hair feeling soft even as I was rinsing it. I really like this product and if it continues to keep working for me. I will be stocking up. The only reason I didn't give this product five stars is because the smell doesn't last after the product is rinsed out, but it smells so good!