Fortune Cookie Soaps

Lavish Lavender Milk Bath


Melanie G.
Lovely smell!

I've never tried a milk bath before, so I was very excited to purchase this product! The smell is amazing and is a very strong lavender (and I mean if you're not a fan of strong scents or lavender, then this wouldn't be for you). My boyfriend even walked in the bathroom as I was taking a bath and remarked how nice it smells (and he usually either hates or doesn't notice the smells of stuff I get haha!). The bath was very relaxing and great for aromatherapy. It contains real lavender buds which float around the bath.

As for the actual product and claims, I didn't notice much difference in my skin being moisturized. I've tried goat's milk soap, which I've found to be very moisturizing, but I didn't find the same level of moisture in this milk bath. The water did seem "softer", if that makes any sense, but I wouldn't say my skin was that much softer than if I had taken a regular bath. However, this product still made me feel awesome and soothed because of the lovely lavender smell! The bag is also very large, so it'll last a long time!