Formula 10.0.6

Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask

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Joyce S.
Good for teens and acne-prone skins
Photo of product included with review by Joyce S.

I love citrus-scented products, which is the main pull why I'm constantly re-purchasing. The combination of Orange, Bergamot and Sea Salt works to ease congestion and absorbs excess sebum deep within your pores. What sets this apart from clay masks(eg. St Ives Firming Clay Mask) is that it provides a lighter spread, and does not give that itchy feel when dried up. Instead, DDD simply sits on the skin comfortably, waiting to be removed.

The paste is of a pale beige with a nice consistency; it doesn't dry out the skin and washes off easily, leaving it smooth and supple. This can be used as a spot treatment too but it does nothing to zealous zits; I apply only on headless bumps, and leave it overnight but wake up to a similar sight.

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Stephanie H.
Leaves my skin feeling fresh!
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I have been using The Deep Down Detox Ultra Cleansing Mud Mask for about six months and is a must have in my skin care routine. When I first tried this mask I remember loving the fact that it does not have a harsh scent. It is a very sweet and lightly scented. The places where I use to get acne would tingle a bit upon the first few applications. You can literally feel this mask cleaning your pores! My skin always feels so soft after I use this. The packaging is very nice and sleek. It is an essential part of my skin care routine. My skin would not be the same without this.

Liyah M.

i use this once every week. it makes my face feel flawless and i love the scent it just puts you at ease i love all formula 10.0.6 produts. i recomend this to any one that wants to feel like their spending hundreds at the spa for only a fraction of thr price

Alexandra M.
Makes my skin feel super soft!

I use this about once a week usually on a Sunday, and I really feel like all the impurities and dirt get taken off my skin! I had heard DulceCandy87 talk about this in a video and forgot about it then I went to ULTA and saw it and decided might as well give it a try and I am very glad I did:)