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Face Cleanser


Stephanie M.
Love it so much, best cleanser ive ever used!

I heard about this cleanser through a bunch of youtubers, so I thought I would give it a try. I bought the sample pack with the cleanser, moisturizer, and toning pads and instantly fell in love. It is such a light weight and airy formula. You could go to sleep with some breakouts and wake up the next morning with no pimples to be found. I recently bought the full size and for $20 it really is a great amount, and you only need a dime size of product for your whole face. Highly recommend it!!

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Vivien Y.
Love this cleanser!

I recently began having a lot of breakouts and blemish spots on my cheeks that my old face cleaner wasn't able to get rid of but after using this for a week, I can already see a HUGE difference!

The cleanser has a whipped lightweight texture that foams up a little when it comes in contact with water. It has a light pleasant scent that leaves your face feeling squeaky clean without that tight dry feeling afterwards.

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Yilei P.
Love it

As someone who has dry skin and very very very sensitive skin, It is hard to find a cleanser I can use and not dry out my skin. I used to wash my face with water and only use facial cleanser three or four times a week: that's how sensitive and dry my skin is. But sometimes I wear makeup and it does not feel clean when I do not wash my face with face cleasing after taking off the makeup. This is the only thing I can use daily. I am leaving the US soon and I am so panic because I do not know where to buy it in the future. I have stock three of this. Hope Beautilish can carry this product one day and ship it worldwilde! Their lotion is also great!