Coconut Gel Sheet Masks

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Candice L.

I have tried every face mask there is, as least it feels that way, and this mask, is the BEST! It's the only mask that actually hydrates my face, leaves it feeling plump and glowing. The actual mask itself is not one of those gross fabric kind where the product drips down your neck and into your mouth as you try not to move your face or talk while wearing. This mask is sort of like gel and contours to your face and holds firm. No sliding around or falling off. I used to buy from sephora but they don't carry this any longer and so I went on the hunt to find it. I just ordered a ton from here!!! So happy I can still get this mask!

Kathryn S.
Hydrating & Soothing

I had an awful reaction to something (puffy, red, cracked and weeping patches) and used one of these masks hoping it would calm my skin. Indeed, it did, and it began to heal instantaneously. I was awestruck. It hydrated my skin beautifully and my skin felt great, too. I now use them once a week -- I look forward to my mask day!

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Brandi G.
Farmacy Coconut Gel Sheet Masks Brightening

I love this mask. Its amaze-ballz. I will be buying more soon! The formula is gentle and does not irritate my sensitive skin at all.

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Johnna B.
Best sheet mask ever!

I’ve tried sooo many different sheet masks. Most of them have been “nice” and that’s it. I purchased this one to take on a trip because my skin gets so dry from traveling and the dry Denver air. This mask was amazing!! The dry patches disappeared and my skin felt juicy and amazing!!

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Diana P.

I love the thick gel-texture of this mask, it felt cooling and soothing on my skin. The blue backing sheets on either side of the mask do take a little extra time to grab and remove, and I haven't found it any easier to try to take them both off before applying the mask, or take one off, apply and try to grab the other one off the front. Either way, once you have it on, I love that the gel actually sticks to my face! It's one of the few sheet masks that I don't feel like I have to lay down while it's on to keep it from sliding down my face. I also appreciated that the eye holes were cut wide enough for my face shape, sometimes I have to cut them open wider on other masks.

As for the essence, it was nice and lightly hydrating and I definitely felt glowy and brightened afterwards. I will definitely be buying more of these!

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Sherry J.
100 stars if possible

This is my absolute favorite mask I have ever tried! I love the hydrating version as well, but this one takes the cake. My very sensitive skin is irritated by the most gentle of products, but this mask literally has me glowing after 15 minutes. There's always extra essence left over in the packet, I'm able to get about 3 more uses out of the leftovers as a serum/moisturizer for the next few days as well

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