Scandal Queen Mascara

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Lia S.
I love this mascara.

I don't buy it often, because $24 a pop is a bit steep for my mascara, but I do adore it. The formula is wonderful--it doesn't give me raccoon eyes, and it doesn't flake into my contact lenses. It lengthens, it curls, it gives volume. I wish I had more expendable income.

Nicki N.
Just "So-so"

I'm really fussy in regards to my mascaras so I have yet to find the perfect mascara. The wand is a strange shape (although they have a reason for the spoon shape) to try and give you an all-day curl. The formula is a little dry and I wouldn't say it's the blackest mascara out there.

Tiffany F.
always on hand

this is my fav and really only mascara i use. I first bought this because it was from Japan and make by Japanese makeup artist, but when i used it i saw dramic difference in my lashes. The best thing that i find is that it also conditions your lashes as well as curling and lengthens. At only $24 its not a bad buy!

I always have one in my bag, bathroom, and bedroom so i can always grab and go.

Lisemarie V.
Love the formula, loathe the applicator...

I have been wearing mascera for 30+ years and I have never had so much crap from an applicator. I have beaten it. The mascera itself is one of the best I have used. I decided not to repurchase this and picked up Bene's They're Real...Not happy with it, but am in love with the wand. I am going back to Fairy Drops and am starting a collection of better wands. The formula does exactly as advertised. Curls. Resitant to water, sweat and actually works as a sealer on top of other masceras that aren't, is conditioning (meaning- doesn't dry out my lashes) and comes off easily with soaps and water. I was really impressed by that, I just wipe away with a washcloth after sudsing and it leaves nothing behind. The color is more patent-black than black so there is some gloss to it. I get more compliments using L'Oreal Voluminous, but smuge city, I put Fairy Drops on top and it becomes sweat/water resistant too. I don't think I can live without this mascera...

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Michan M.

I'm really enjoying this mascara because it curls my lashes and keeps them curled all day long. This mascara is also water/sweat resistant which I found to be true. I went swimming without taking my mascara off, and this mascara didn't drip down. The only way it came off is if I rubbed my eyes, and even then it would flake off so it didn't create raccoon eyes. Despite being water resistant, this isn't difficult to take off at night and I don't find myself rubbing my eyes trying to wash the product off. It doesn't make my lashes look as thick as I normally like them to appear, but this mascara really opens up the eyes because of the curl it creates.

Meghan O.
surprised me- its perfect!

i dont even need to curl my lashes when i use this mascara! i didn't realize when i ordered it from sephora that it had fibers in it, which i love. (i had considered buying a separate mascara with fibers, but i guess i don't need to.) it stays on all day, even through naps. its wonderful! the packaging is absolutely adorable too, and i love the pattern on the tube. the brush is the same as vivian l. posted below, but my tube is silver/gold-ish

Vivian L.
Fab mascara for sparse lashes
Photo of product included with review by Vivian L.

The mascara I'm reviewing is by Fairydrops, but looks kinda different from the picture above. Anyway, I love this mascara because it's perfect for Asian lashes.

It separates each lash, coats it evenly and holds the curl well. It probably has something to do with the bubble-shaped brush, but I find that it also helps define the curl of your lashes. No clumps either.

It doesn't flake nor smudge, which is a big plus point in every girl's book.

Highly-recommended, especially for those with short/sparse/thin lashes. This really helps make a difference.

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