Eve Pearl

Salmon Concealer


Michelle G.

I am so glad that I found out about the Salmon Concealer! I have tried so many different brands but none have ever given me the kind of coverage I get from this one. The consistency is light weight and easy to blend. It leaves me looking refreshed and well rested! I have two gripes about this product though. The first being that you have to order it online (from what I understand they don't sell these products in regular stores?) and also it tends to be a bit pricey ($35-$50) depending on which compact you choose. However, if you are sick of using drugstore brand concealer and want to invest in something better I highly suggest this concealer!

Mari W.
Great quality

I truly get why people rave about this concealer. It treads the delicate line of offering coverage without going cakey. I also appreciate Eve Pearl’s attitude of using non-airbrushed pictures to show images of the before and after using this product. That truly helps when purchasing online. Last, I appreciate she has a variety of packaging for her concealers. One can purchase the concealer by itself, as a duo, trio, and 2 types of concealer palettes. By doing that, the company is thinking of the regular consumer and the MUA.

April A.
Love it!

I purchased this concealer when it was on sale on Haute Look. I absolutely LOVE it! It hides my dark circles well and is just so smooth! It runs a bit pricey, but will last forever! This also works for hiding my volcanic size pimples. Heheheh!

Shannyn C.

I've never been a fan of under-eye concealer, but this one is phenomenal! I don't have crazy dark circles, but it conceals the bit of blue under my eyes beautifully. It's creamy, but doesn't move all over the place (& I tend to be a touch oily under my eye). My mother recently tried it on a few of the veins she has on her face & it covered them beautifully.

Arlene C.
Best concealer ever!!!

I love it. My mother had deep and dark pigmentation on her face and I used Eve Pearl on her and it just conceals the blemishes. She also doesn't feel that she has makeup on because it is very light to the skin. Not cakey or creases. Love It!!!!