Estée Lauder

'Hydrationist' Maximum Moisture Lotion


Fannie D.

I've read many reviews about this moisturizer and I really wanted to like it but it pains me to say that it didn't quite work for my skin. The product comes in a blue bottle with a pump. Initially I was looking to get Estee Lauder's Hydrationist moisturizer in a pot, which the sales rep told me was for dry skin. That day I was coming from my facial appointment and had power walked down Queen St. to the department store, so when the sales rep looked at me, she insisted I get the one in the bottle which is for normal and combination skin. I'm kind of glad I took her advice because this one is already super moisturizing. The consistency is creamy and easy to apply and has a faint clean floral smell.

The Hydrationist moisturizer feels amazing on the skin. After application my skin immediately feels more plump, firm and hydrated. Overall I would say this is a good face cream and would have continued using it, but unfortunately it breaks me out. I don't really understand why because I don't feel like the product is clogging my pores (pores and skin looks clear and clean) but i get these big pimples every time I use it. Most of the time, products that break me out usually give me cystic acne but this stuff gives me big pimples. Ug. I kept trying to use it anyways but every time I apply it the next day a new pimple would appear. I even tried to dilute it by using 1/2 a pump and adding a bit of water. I don't think it's helped much and doesn't give my face the same results compared to if i used a full pump. It really bugs me when a product has such extreme pro and cons. I will continue to use this for fall and will update if there are any changes.