Estée Lauder

'Bronze Goddess' Soft Matte Bronzer


Kendra H.
Love This

It's very matte and is in a color where I can use it as blush or bronzer because of my skin tone. It also works as a contour and this is why: it isn't shimmery or orange based! It's a very nice color that is matte and has no shimmer so it's easy to contour with and that contour looks extremely natural. I just really love the color and it keeps my face really shine free where other bronzers give my face an oily look! Just in love with this product!

Branka P.

i live this bronzer! it really is matte as the name says, not orange at all, but leans red (only slightly) and looks very natural. it does not disappear from my face and is easily blended so i look like a bit of sun hit my face. it can also be worn on its own, as a blush. it's huge, around 20 grams and i don't see myself running out of it for the next 10 years :D