Good To Go! Top Coat


Kelsey R.

Hands down my favourite top coat! Long lasting, shiny, and very quick drying. Unlike other topcoats, Essie's Good To Go doesn't smudge any designs while doing nail art. Its also a product that is easily found in drugstores, which is an added bonus. What more could you ask for?

Caellen S.
Seche Vite Alternative

Its too much of a pain to order a topcoat off the internet. Canada sucks (a little) and you can't find lots of great stuff that you can find in other places. However, Essie Good to Go is awesome! I probably will never buy Seche Vite unless someone decides to sell it in a store here, so Essie it is for me. I can't compare the two obviously, but I imagine this is just as good, perhaps even better. It doesn't dry out and become all goopy like people say Seche Vite does. Your nails are totally dry in 5 minutes.

Mani P.

This is by far the best top coat I've used ever!!! Prevents nails from chipping, dries in half time and gives a shinny glossy layer over the polish that lasts for days.Of course it get a bit thick but only when it gets at the end of the bottle.In that case I recommend to use Essie's thinner and there you go, it's brand new!!! I also have to add that Good to go is a great top coat for nail art.

Shannon A.
Too Expensive, Too Goopy

This is about $9 at my local CVS and I was really disappointed in it, so many people love it, so I thought I'd splurge for it, and I was not happy. I tried it every which way and it would always be goopy, leave my nails soft, and make them feel like they were never dry. Killer, I really hoped for a good product.

Sarah B.

I absolutely love this stuff. It dries super fast, and it keeps my nail polish from chipping, which is good because as soon as my polish starts to chip I automatically redo it, which tends to take foreverrr.

Andrea M.
Best I've ever had!

So I've tried several other fast dry top coats and this is by far my favorite! The others either got thick really fast, mid way thru the bottle or the left a bunch of air bubbles! This one does get a little teeny bit thick towards the end of the bottle, nothing crazy! But I feel like thats with every polish you use the heck out of! I love it, and will continue to repurchase it!

Mel C.

This top coat is the best.My nails have awful and noticeable ridges from getting acrylic nails. When I use Essie GOOD TO GO as a top coat It makes my nails look amazing and most importantly it makes the ridges on my nails disappear. Not only it makes my nails look amazing but, it dries up really quick which is always a plus. I totally recommend this product to everyone!

Tiffany Z.

I really do love this product! It will dry instantly and always makes my nails look great! I very much recommend this product. I have never been disappointed with this product.

Donna P.
just as good as seche vite

I like using this stuff, because i find it's just as good as seche vite fast drying top coat. You only need a small amount of it per nail, and it dries super fast, and gives it a nice glossy finish - and it doesnt smell strong whilst applying!