Stay With Me Long-Lasting Lipgloss


Demi V.
Hmm.. having my doubts..

I do like the smell and the pigment, but I don't find it longlasting it stays good for about a hour but not more. especially not if you drink or eat. The lipgloss does moisturize your lips but when really EVERYTHING is of your lips they feel really dry (especially if you have like me, dry lips)

Lucy C.

They are sooo amazing! They smell soo good! And the pigmentation is really nice. I got the one in Candy Bar, they stay on for a good amount of time too but they are a bit sticky but I don't mind. Love these!

Hanna Y.

This lip-gloss, it should be a lot more than what you pay for it. The one problem I have with it is that it can be a bit sticky. Like on top of a lipstick or stain. So, normally if I was gonna wear it, I would wear it alone. They have so many different shades.

Raphaella C.

I own one of these and it's AWESOME! I have the number 07 KISS KISS KISS, it gives you juicy and plump lips. Smells AMAZING, not sticky, moisturize your lips, and it's not pricey, definitely a great lip-gloss to own. (:

Manii D.

These lip glosses are amazing! I don't go a day with out wearing them! They have a high pigment in them and are great to wear over lip balm! They are also nice to wear by them self because they are very moisterising! its very creamy and rich! Sometimes it gets sticky over a lipstick! Over all i really like this product!

Grace C.

This lip-gloss absolutely surpass it's price tag value! It's comfortable, stays moist, and doesn't have much of that sticky feeling. It does have a sweet scent, but not too overpowering. I only wish they have more colors!

Saskia B.
Best lipgloss from Essence
Photo of product included with review by Saskia B.

I got these in four colors and I do like them. They are creamy and they give a nice hint of color. My favorite ones are My Favorite Milkshake and I Like Cotton Candy (last one seems to be discontinued where I live, sadly enough) On the pic from left to right: My Favorite Milkshake, Trendsetter, I Love Cotton Candy and Berry Me!