Liquid Eyeliner in Black


Josipa M.

My favourite liquid eyeliner! It's really good, easy to use . I find it good for drawing on medium and thin lines . Another plus is it's cheap price .

Eline F.

I use this eyeliner everyday its great for drawing on medium thick lines and it stays on quite well during bad weather and the staying power is good for everyday use, plus it is also really cheap!

Michelle M.

one of my favourites. low price for a good product. super easy to apply. no allergig reactions or irritations like i had with other eyeliners (cause i have super sensitive skin around my eyes) all in all very recommendable.

Shelly F.

This liquid liner is definitely just an average liquid liner. It has a fine brush tip applicator which I prefer when it comes to liquid liners. It works well when you first get it. Glides on smoothly and is quite precise. Problems I have seen would that it chips off through out the and packaging can be a bit difficult to remove the applicator from the bottle. It is definitely worth $1.99 it cost. I am in no way dogging on this line because I actually like using in. Just stating what I like and dislike about it.

Pros: Brush tip applicator allows for precise application. Dries quickly and applies easily. Very afforable, $1.99

Cons: Chips away throughout the day. Packaging difficult to work with.