Fix & Matte Loose Powder


Tanja M.

This loose powder is awesome. The fomula is so nice, it goes on so smooth, it sets your make up really good, it doesn't look cakey at all. And the price - it's sooo cheap you wouldn't believe it. It's better than some high end brands. Essence, you did a great job on this one. The finish is very natural matt, for me at least. I use it only on my T zone area because I like to keep my cheeks natural.

Smilja  S.

This powder is great!It gives really good matte finish and leave my skin looking almost flawless.Of course,as with everything,you should be reasonable whit it,and not put too much,especially if you're going to take pictures,then it's better not to use it,because of flashback,you will look white in the pictures :) Other than that,this powder is great and really affordable (around 5$).

Anastasia D.
Great quality for what you pay!

I think this translucent powder works as good as a high-end brand powder.It gives a satisfying matte finish ,with flawless result!Maybe you need a little retouch after a while but that's all.

Dridi S.

This powder actually erases the fine lines under my eyes! and I have found that when I apply the powder on my undereye area to mattify it, it actually covers the lines and makes the area look matte and flawless. Another quality, this powder is great over concealer! It not only helps to set the concealer, but also helps it appear more even so you get a more flawless-looking application. I can definitely say that this powder mattifies. It does a great job of soaking up shine and moisture on the face.

Whiskey Y.

...looks amazing first applied, then it just dries out into the patches. I think it works the best for normal skin. On oily one - gets too cakey. On dry - clings on. But if you have some experience with make up, you can work this out. It's nice product.