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Trixie P.
Good quality for price!

I bought two of these eyeshadows because they were so cheap and you get a lot of product. The colours are pretty but there are no matte ones, only shimmery ones. They don't stay on long either so you would have to buy a base aswel. They do last a long time and they work well and look nice!

Natty G.
Its cheap and the quality is nice

Well i bought this around 3-4 months ago cos u really need the lavender shade eyeshadow.. Its shrimmery bluish purple color and the stay power is quite well... I think ots gonna b better if u use a good eye primer

Evvie P.
Nice For Highlighting Eyebrows

It's relatively pigmented and stays on for quite a long time. You can use it without eye primer but I think the colour appears more solid when worn with an eye primer. The texture of it is smooth which makes it comfy to wear. Overall, I like it :)

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Evvie P.
My Favourite Blue Eyeshadow

The photo of this shade doesn't show the shimmer it has which is unfortunate as it is perfect! The shimmer isn't over the top, so it doesn't over power the actual blue shade. Thankfully, it is long lasting and relatively highly pigmented. I love it :)

Alba M.
Natural, mate. ¡Bueno, bonito y barato!

Es un color muy natural, de acabado mate. Queda perfecto si lo aplicas con una esponja y lo difuminas para unirlo con otro color con la brocha de ojo. ¡La marca Essence viene pisando fuerte! Relación precio calidad, creo, que insuperable.

Sara B.
Great brand fantastic product

Essence Eye shadows are great. The colour pay off and lasting power is comparable and in some cases better then many shadows by highend brands. I own most of the colours but how could i not with the quality and cheap price:)

Alice C.

I already bought the Essence shadows that are very good in terms of quality and price. I highly recommend this brand. I've had opportunity to review one of them on my blog: # links

Elisa C.

I loooove these shadows ! The price is incredibly low , only 1,99 € ( in Italy) and the quality is quite good , with a good primer they last all day long :)

Laura B.

I bought this eyeshadow in this exact colour because I wanted a cheaper "Wasabi" (Neve Cosmetics - Kawaii Japan Collection): that works very well, especially if used with a wet brush. And I got it for 0.99€ only (less than 1.50$)... that makes it even better!

Penelope A.
Photo of product included with review by Penelope A.

I bought a few of these shadows from ULTA last month, the price was really good at only $1.99 each. The colors are pretty, I didn't see any Matte colors (which I prefer) but by the looks of the online store, they only have Shimmers in this line. The pigments aren't bad and the shadow is fairly long lasting ... (I uploaded swatches of the 3 I bought) I guess, for the price, its a good product. I'd probably buy shadows from that line again and would recommend them to anyone with a tight budget.