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Eyeliner Pen in Black


Tina L.

Saw the reviews and decided to get one today. I got the 2-in-1 thick and thin. The thin one is more prominent and dark than the thick one, and the thin one is easier to apply.

Hally L.
Love this so much I use it everyday

Love it but It doesn't work for sensitive eyes like for my mom but I use it and I love it!!! Perfect for winged eyeliner!! Wore it today but the super fine one with the longer tip amazing best drugstore products yet

DaisyFierce X.

I'm always using this eyeliner and i love it, It last all day and it's beautiful dark ! I't gives beautiful precisous lines and it's very cheap. can't go without this liner anymore

Nicole D.
nice product!

I like to use this on my lid for winged liner. Its very black and super easy to apply. especially for beginers. it gives a really nice smooth fine line. If youre having trouble with liquid i would 100% suggest this. you cant go wrong for the price! super affordable.

Martha V.
Love the tip and glossy finish, but definitely not "extra long-lasting".

A very pretty cheap eyeliner pen. What I really love the most of this eyeliner is the tip: it's really easy to use and get a perfect line with, the formula goes on really smoothly and the finish is so glossy, I love it! The only thing I dislike is that it doesn't last very much on the lid, a little drop of water is enough to remove part of it. I wish it was more waterproof, 'cause it really is a nice product, even better than the waterproof one of the same brand (which has not a tip as good as this, imho).

Autumn C.
great for the price!

This is the first product i have purchased from this brand. It is very easy to use, lasts all day, and was a great price. Definitely will be trying this brand in the future.

Lucy C.

The price is really nice. I got it at Shoppers Drug Mart for $2.99. I swatched it and it looked okay so for the price, I got it. It dried out soo fast. I tried putting it upside down and then using it the next day, it still didn't work