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Eyebrow Designer Pencil


Beth I.
Amazing in the color Blonde.

They don't have the shade I use listed here but this product is amazing to me. I have been using the shade Blonde for the last 2 years and I swear by it. It's the perfect color and tone for my reddish/copper/blonde hair. Not too waxy or dry. Stays all day long. I use this with the Essence clear brow and mascara gel.

Katrina L.

One of my all-time favorite eyebrow pencils! I use this everyday! The only thing wrong is that the brush on the end is basically useless. If you have a spooly brush, use that instead.

Tanja M.

I use this pencil all the time, together with Essence Eyebrow Stylist Kit and for me, it's great and cheap eyebrow pencil. I don't normally put too much effort to my brows so if you want something easy to work with and if you're not looking for perfection, this is it.

Shelly J.

I like the pen itself but the brush isn't working too good for me. I prefere using the pen with my eyebrow brush, that blends it in pretty good. Besides that, an average good brow pen

Janelle A.
Mediocre at best.

I bought this because my friend recommended it and for the like $3 I thought I couldn't go wrong. But I did. The colour selection is awful but I wasn't able to test it in the store so I didn't know that the colour was off until after I had bought it. I purchased the middle colour (for brunettes) and was expecting a typical "brunette" colour. It was red. Red. I was shocked. I thought maybe I could somehow make it work but I haven't been able to as of yet. I could see this being useful if they had a better color selection and a better brush on the end.