Essence Lipstick

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Carly R.
best lipstick ever!!!!

Okay first off this lipstick was 2.99 and its phenomenal it glides on soo smoothly and looks so beautiful on the lips and has a very nice mostuire to it its just AMAZING!!!! definitely give it a try!!!

Giftedteacher M.
Best nude ever!

LOVE this product. I am always on the hunt for the perfect "nude" lipstick. This colour and the "In the Nude" colour are awesome. I have bought them for myself, carry extras in my purse and have given them to friends as gifts when they say "Where did you get that awesome lipstick?". For $2.99 they also fit my budget! They mix nicely with the glosses from this line too. Try them both.

Kat H.
Awesome color!

I thought this color would be too light for my skin tone, but it's perfect! The application is smooth and even, and it's very creamy! The color is long lasting as well. I will be buying more colors from this line.

Sarah W.

Really nice product, shade I have is not given as an option but it's "All about cupcake". Applies nice and smoothly, doesn't seem to creamy or too dry. Has never dried out my lips which is also a bonus as that is usually my problem when it comes to lipsticks. Now, i'm not a big lipstick person full stop but when I do go to buy one I try and get one that I will wear over and over again and really enjoy without being irritated and this one really has taken the cake for it! Paired with their lip liners it's amazing. It can wear off a little quick but that's not really something I personally am phased by. Overall though it's a wonderful product and in Australia, incredibly affordable for the quality.

Tanja M.

This lipstick is not very pigmented but it is sparkling. It gives a sheen, little bit of colour and lots of sparkle. So for someone who is a begginer in make up this would be great. I combine this with some of my other true pigmented purple lipsticks and it is great. Although I'm a matte girl myself, I can wear this everyday to give a little bit of that extra to my lips so they don't look dull and boring.

Monica  C.

I don' t very like this product, is like a lipgloss and the pigmentation is like a lipgloss so is more glossy and trasparent than a normal lipstick. I think that lipstick stays only two hours and relases more glitters.