Colour & Go Nail Polish


Faviola  H.
Photo of product included with review by Faviola  H.

Really nice colors! Don't last very long though. Nice coverage (after 2 coats). I painted them about an hour ago but they are already chipping. For the price: you get what you paid for.

Lindsey G.
Good colour lasts around 4 days

Great colour selection but the polish itself is easy to chip and the colours goes quickly. also for some reason when I am at school writing the polish will turn a bit blue or black depending on the pen I am using.

Elena F.

This formula is amazing is it creamy and goes on like a dream it feels like the formula of a high end one like Nicole by opi I would recommend if you didn't want to spend $20 on opi this is a great way to save money

Natalia L.
Not very good

I have a lot of this essence nail poslihes but just because i very often change my polish on nails. but yes the polish went off after two days and than it looks very bad. I always put and top coat polish but it doesnt make any better.

Annely B.

I just by it cause I wasn't in time and had to got a nail polish. But in the store I was were only essence and so I by this nail polish. And know I have to say I have so many colours, I couldn't count. I have the problem that nail polish don't stay on my nails. But this essence polish do that! I was really surprised! So I love them and you can choose so many colours... Really good!

Bry R.
I have a few of these.

I've never noticed any problems with this polish. It's very well pigmented, it was cheap which is a huge plus. I'm not sure of the ingredients or where it's made which is what I always look for in a polish but like I said, it was cheap and I don't mind trying out new polishes.

Erin C.

Love this nailpolish! I've heard mixed reviews for this but i think is fantastic the color payoff is outstanding & lasts for ages without chipping. This has become one of my all time favs! & for the price I think its well worth giving it a try. Highly recommend!

Finn  I.

Best nail polishes I have ever used! stays on forever and only needs one coat. I have so many colours, all vibrant. Sand effect is really nice but a pain to get off.

Deseni F.
so pretty

this is such a pretty coral pink color. its not to bright. and its super duper cheap. just add a good top coat and it last for a good time.

Jewels G.
Great Brush, Easy Application

My friend bought me one of these nail polishes for a birthday gift and I have to say I am quite impressed! It does not chip and the colours have a glossy finish.