Black Mania Eyeliner Pen


Karen-Lisbeth G.

I really like it as an everyday 5 minute routine. It's really easy to apply and is really dark which is a plus. I love the angled felt tip makes it easy to do a really thin line or a really thick bold one.

Raphaella C.

When I bought this eyeliner and tried to use it it was completely dry. So I pulled the tip of the filter and putted the bottom up. It's like new again. It's cheap so I wasn't expecting much. It's easy to apply and dries fast.

Stephanie T.

its not the best liner ive tried but its pretty decent especially for the price! i find that i have total control over how my eyeliner is applied and i love that. the tip allows you to make your lines as thick or thin as you want them! my only problem with this is that it does seem pretty dry when i opened it. but not dry to the point where i wouldnt be able to use it. i would like if this product was a little more saturated but other than that its great for the price!

Sophie J.
I wanted this to be awesome!

Saw it this at Ulta for 99 cents and thought I'd give it a chance. I had been looking for a cheap eyeliner pen so for the price it seemed so right. I had made sure to pick an unopened one with the packaging still on, because so often when I by things at Ulta or drugstores in particular it's been used. As soon as I got home I wanted to try it out. Problem was the makeup hadn't soaked the felt yet. (that in itself just made me to never want to repurchase) So I left it standing upside down all night to use the next day. When the ink had finally soaked I tried it out on my hand. Instead of being black, it was more of a grey, so of course even more disappointment. The one good thing about this liner is that it lasts super long. I used soap and water to try and get it off my hand and still it wouldn't budge. But other then that it was a total disappointment.

Geniefel C.
couldn't even use it!

This has got to be the worst eyeliner pen I have ever bought. I bought it, opened it, it was dry. Exchanged it for another one, that one was dry too! Returned it. Did not want to try again. Their gel liners however, a total hit! :)