Lip Balm Smooth Sphere


Jaclyn N.

Eos lips balms really just sit on your lips. I've tried the sweet mint, honeydew, and pomegranate. If they look a little dry, apply it and it won't. The product only makes your lips look okay but it doesn't feel like it's doing anything to prevent dry lips so I was applying it constantly. Definitely not a product for chapped lips. After having the balm for a couple weeks I noticed that the pomegranate scent changed and it smelt super waxy.

Sammi W. Team
you want to love this product but...

I like the idea of this product but it just doesn't work for me. The scent is delicious (I've tried mint, passionfruit, and summer fruit), the packaging is adorable, and it just doesn't moisturize my lips! I used to put this on before bed and honestly, after I used it the mint one I swear it has something in it that irritates and puffs up my lips. I didn't have the same problem with the other flavors but honestly this product is more "eh" than "wow!" for me. Pass.

Karin M.
Loved it!

The first time I saw the Eos lip balm was in a article about favorite beauty products of celebrities! ?? I got curious but we dont have this product in my country! But my sister went to Canad? and I asked her to bring me some to give it a try! I loved them, theyre soft,very mosturizing and confortable, with a soft scent and original package! Give it a try!

Alex A.

At first I really liked this product, and then I realized I liked it because I wanted to like it, but not because it's a good product. They smell awesome it's true, but it's just as good as a regular 2 dollar lip balm from the drugstore.

Avery M.
Nothing Special

The packaging is adorable, and the flavors are really good. That's basically what this balm has going for it. The balm is pretty thin and lacks that desirable heft that a lip balm should have. Also, after using it, I find my lips drier than before. Overall, it's just a mediocre product- not really worth the hype.

Kassondra B.
Essential Lip Balm

Of my solid balms, my eos collection is my favourite, with Sweet Peppermint being my favourite flavour. The packaging is cute (and reusable!), portable and the actual product lives up to its name. There isn't a flavour yet I don't like.

Mathilde M.

I used this for quite a while, as i have VERY Chapped lips. I really thought this balm worked, but i would notice my lips getting addicted to the EOS, and i would have to reapply all the time. The thing is, many lipbalms dries your lips out so that you become addicted to the product, and will keep buying it. Once i stoppes using the EOS lip balm, my lips went back to normal.

Brianna L.

I love this Chapstick they make my lips so smooth and 10 better my lips where really really chapped and once I used this chapped stick it made my life away better I don't know what I would do without my favorite chapped stick EOS they also come in the best packaging!!!💕

Shelby  W.

I honestly like this product , it makes your lips smooth and all of the flavours they have to offer are amazing. My favourite is the sweet mint . The only downside to this lip balm is the fact that it clogs the pores up around my mouth and gives me blackheads.

Sky C.
Such an adorable and affordable balm!

EOS lip balms are amazing! They have many different flavors, and all of them are equally moisturizing! They are so smooth, creamy, and moisturizing! In the U.S.A you can find them at most any place that sells beauty items. They are very affordable as well, usually ranging from 3-4 dollars. The packaging is plain adorable as well! Each EOS lip balm comes in an adorable ball shaped container. EOS also makes smooth stick, which are shaped like chapsticks! I totally recommend these!