Ellis Faas

Glazed Lips

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Zynab H.
Not enough product to justify price!
Zynab H.'s Review Image

This is a gorgeous blood red gloss. I had been looking for such a gloss and once I saw the "Ellis Red" ad on her site I was hooked. I wanted it for so long and added it to my cart when buying a few brushes. When I first tried it I was estatic. This is a real BLOOD hur...Ms. Faas is joking when she calls it a "human color"! It's super long lasting and adheres well to the lips while having a not quite sticky texture. It's the best gloss I own but it is not worth $35 for 2.8 mililiters. Thats paying about $8.25 per ml...if I had known I was getting such little product I would never have bought it. I'm getting anxiety about running out of it. I feel like soon it will be gone because I have to use quite a lot of gloss for each application to get the look I want! :'( I'm very unhappy.

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Jskilicious S.
Not Bad

The applicator is very stiff. The gloss is slightly oily, but has fairly opaque color payoff. I feel like the product doesn't justify the price. The color is unique. Almost like a coral colored red.

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