Elizabeth Arden

Skin Protectant


Kira D.
Quick fix that really works!

I couldn't live without this product in my life, my handbag or cosmetic cabinet!

I decanted this into a small screw-top pot from Muji that I carry around in my makeup bag at all times.

Works on any area of the body that might be dry or irritated.

A must-have for any beauty-addict!

Marie-Claire M.
Extra! Extra! New super hero!!

Think of a skin issue. Burn, scrape, tattoo, wind chap, dryness, cracks. This will heal and soothe it! Apparently Kat Von D recommends this stuff to her clients for tattoo after care! Great for winter sports too as a skin balm or après ski!

Natalie C.
The "Does Everything" Product

I can't go to work without this in my purse! I never know when I'm going to get a cut or a rash on my skin, I never know how the freakish nyc weather will react to my skin on a particular day, but I know if I have this with me, my skin will be protected. Honestly, it smells and looks like diaper rash ointment but I've checked the ingredients and they are slightly different. I guess if you're looking for a cheaper dupe of this product, the popular diaper rash brands from your local stores could do just as well, but it won't definitely be as convenient and as refined as this product will. It also last a surprisingly long time!

Louise-Lesley J.
Literally my winter saviour!

I get ridiculous dry patches during the winter that I just can't seem to get rid off! My problem is that I have problem, oily skin and when I switch to a heavier moisturiser my oily skin just riots - I also have tried heavier moisturisers at night but I break out.

I love this so much because I can literally lather as much on as I need at night and wake up without any dry patches. As well as that, I can dab on a bit during the day if I dry up around my nose (from the annoying winter colds I get!), the apples of my cheeks or the centre of my forehead!

I don't break out from putting it on and I have absolutely no problems with it making me oiler.

My only concern is that it takes ages to dry into the skin, so for a while my skin glistens - although when I put it on my cheeks - it makes an awesome highlighter :P

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