Elizabeth Arden

High Shine Lip Gloss

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Rose M.

One of my favorite lip glosses for sure! This lip gloss is so shiny and has some sparkles in it. I have this lip gloss in tropicoral. I wear this product a lot. It also feels very soft, I like the color mostly.

Jackie L.

Great colors! Perfect amount of shimmer and easy to apply. Need to reapply after a meal, but that's expected for a lip gloss. I wish the red were a little more red. I love the nude one.

Emma Kirstine K.

I would personally never label this as being a lipgloss, but more some sort of a liquid lipstick. This is EXTREMELY pigmented, one coat of this bad boy, and you've got a full on shiny color. This color is a shiny, dark, reddish, warm ruby, with a hint of bronze. The sparkles in this are golden, but supple, but still with a shiny finish. It's a really nice product, with lot if pigmentation, and the quality is very good, with amazing staying power, it does wear off a bit, but it also leaves a pretty stained flush on your lips. This product doesn't have any scent, but that is fine by be. Very much worth the money. The thing about this lipgloss is, that when i got it, I only saw the color in the tube, and since I'm not on to the full on lips, I don't use it as much as the product actually deserves with it's high quality, which is quite sad. I'll still give this product a good rating, because it's a nice thing, it just weren't for me. <3