Elizabeth Arden

8 Hour Lip Protectant


Louise-Lesley J.
Once you get used to the smell, it is amazing

What I really love about this lip product is that it comes in a lipstick kind of container. It definitely keeps my lips soft in the harsh winter weather we are having at the minute.

One thing must be said, is that if you aren't used to the eight hour products smell, then it does take getting used too. Personally, I love it though!

Works brilliantly - but not sure if this is really worth the price just to get it in a hardened form as you get less and pay the same as the celebratory jar that is in the same line!

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Lauren F.
Saved my dry lips!

This product is constantly in my handbag as I cannot live without it! I've been prone to getting very dry lips and this miracle moisturizer is helping to sort them out and keep them supple! Beyond pleased with this product and highly recommend it to anyone else who suffers with dry lips!

Marie-Claire M.
Great for both sexes!

I recommend this to everyone!! It has a nice eucalyptus scent which makes it seem medicinal. The eight hour line was created for Liz Arden's friend's daughter who had fallen down and scraped her knee. This cream healed it within 8hours. Super healing, very moisturizing, protecting and soothing. They even have tinted ones!

Emma Kirstine K.
If you can handle the smell, this is the one to get!

This lipbalm is the only thing that beats the lipbutters from "The Body Shop", this does every thing dry lips needs. It's not sticky or greasy on the lips. It's very light weight, and does a good job keeping the lips moisturized for several hours. The scent is another thing. It's very special, and seems herbal or something. It is not a nice scent in anyway, not clinical or something, well it's impossible to describe, but if you can get passed the smell, this is overall a high quality product, and you really get what you are paying for. The smell doesn't bother me, so I will gladly repurchase this. I will recommend this to anybody who cares for their lip condition, because it fits all skin types. Lovely product, this is a true keeper. <3