Studio Mini Eyelash Curler


Mari W.
an inexpensive version to high priced specialty curlers

hu Uemura, and more recently MAC sell a similar product but I really didn’t want to pay that price for something so specialized. That’s when I found out that e.l.f. sold one for only $3.

If you have long lashes, you can easily position them into that 1.5 cm opening. There isn’t much arc to the curler but you aren’t using it to curl the entire eye. The one down side is the plastic pad. There is one replacement that came with the curler. I’m pretty stumped to where to purchase additional ones. In a pinch (pun intended), I could cut a standard size pad down but that’s an annoyance.

If you ever need to spend a couple of extra dollars in order to get that free shipping, add this to your shopping cart. It’s a delight!