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Studio Fan Brush

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Elaina Y.
I thought it wasn't too useful at first

I bought this brush because I did not have anything like it. I thought that for the price it was great to try. This is a good quality brush, very soft, holds its shape and does not shed. I actually use this brush quite often. It's great for sweeping away fall out from my eyeshadows or my mascara (from combing them out). It is actually great for picking up all the fall out on my face and leaving the rest of my makeup in tact. Another way that I use this brush is to apply powdered highlighter above my cheeks, down the centre of my nose and on my cupid's bow. I find that the brush picks up a good amount of product and it is great for lightly sweeping the highlighter over the areas. Since it is in the faned out shape, that helps so distrubute the product so you don't have to go over the same areas more than once. If you have fall out or highlight your face this brush is worth giving it a try.

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Julianne J.
Pretty good, but not must have

I got two of these brushes a while back, and of course, I can't remember my silly reasoning. I think I wanted to put one in my MU kit, and have one for my personal collection. Luckily, the ones I got have not fallen apart, but I also don't reach for this all the time. I do know that elf is constantly inconsistent, if that makes any sense. What I mean is you can count on their products performing from shoddy all the way to excellent. This goes for their brushes. I am addicted to their Blushing, Bronzing, and Blending brush, yet the brush already came off the ferrule- yet is still useable. This goes to show you how cheap their products, especially their brushes are. They are only a few bucks, after all. That being said, I like using this brush to flick away fall out- its bristles are soft and don't irritate my skin, and so far this brush hasn't fallen apart, shed hair all over the place, including my face/hands/clothes, and the handle is firm. ( However, I do have a Sephora powder brush that is super dense and soft that is great for mopping up fall out). Its easy to work up enough torque to flick the fall out off your face. I am glad I was reminded through the review thread about how multi-use this fan brush is. (Elaina Y. :D) I need to use this for highlighting and pressed powder dusting. To sum it up, this isn't a must have, but its nice to have. You can come up with a few uses for it, yet there is a chance the brush might be great, or crappy.

Kathryn V.

This is the only fan brush I've owned, but it does its job! It's not too thick or too thin. It can apply color or sweep it away. The bristles are soft but keep their shape.

Michelle D.

My first fan brush, and it's pretty good. I use it mainly to catch/sweep away fall out when doing dark shadow colors on my lids. It's a bit small though, but it's pretty decent for a regular fan brush. Cleaning is also a breeze.

Danielle D.
An off chance purchase

I bought this with the intent of using it to brush away eyeshadow fall out. It does the trick but i must admit since buying this I haven't really used it as much as I thought I would. Although it does what it says, and mine hasn't yet fallen apart I still end up using my powder brush to flick away fallout. A good brush but not used often

Carina C.
How to use it??

My BF got this for me at Target. I still have it in it's original packaging. How do you use it?? I have no use for it, I think. If anybody can tell me How to use it that would be awesome!

Arkia M.

I used it once or twice and it fell apart. My least favorite brush from ELF and i have ALL of them. I was really disappointed. I guess i could have tried and super-glued it back together, but i just tossed it out instead.

Mariatu S.

This was not the fan brush i got this was just a mess it was so not put together well at all need some work its just the fan fan fibers were separate it was not too firm to take anything off my face