Studio Eyebrow Lifter & Filler


Amber R.
The Lifter is Amazing, the filler is okay...

I really love the lifter side of this because it's a multitasker. I can use it not only to highlight my browbone but also to brighten my eyes. The filler is a little too cream for a brow pencil though, but because of the larger size you can get the job done quickly. Full review at http://tinyurl.com/c6wt3x8

Myrna P.

I ran into this product this last weekend. I bought it awhile back but havent tried it yet. I like it a lot actually. I really do like the highlighter. I will keep this is stock most definitely.

Nikki S.
not bad..

I bought this to be able to fill in my brows a bit easier and to life them and make them look more defined. I absolutely adore the lifting side..its a beautiful champaigney pink color and does define around my brows. The fill side can be easily overdone. It's incredibly pigmented and waxy, you can very easily over-do it with this if you have an even Slightly heavy hand. Use with caution!

Neala B.
Great Filler, Poor Lifter

For a quick eyebrow fix, the filler part is good. It's is a pigment and a waxing setter in one. The lifter is not great at all as it is too peachy pink for my skin tone. A pearl colour would have been a more flattering and universal colour. I can see why people have trouble with the filler part but once you get used to the consistency of the formula it really is a good product to have in your make-up bag. If Elf eliminated the filler side and either replaced it with a better colour or extended the filler I would have loved it more.

Tianna D.
Great Highlight, Not So Great Eyebrow Pencil

I love love love the highlighting end of this pencil. It really gives my brows that "lift". However the brow pencil part was too dark for my brows. I might buy it again just for the "lift" but I'm not sure yet.

LeAndra D.

I like the lift so far,I like my brows to look as natural as possible so this gives me a good lift and the shade is pretty good. you have to watch how you apply because its really easy to put to much on. a light hand is all you need and you will get more than enough. so far this pencil does a really good job.