Studio Eye Transformer


Christina C.
No thanks

I was disappointed by this palette because the shadows were very rough and it didn't have very much pigmentation. Visit my Elf Haul Update post on my blog at christinaschiccorner.com where I wrote a more detailed review.

Victoria D.

I'm in love with this, and the idea of it! These aren't meant to be used alone, they're meant to be layered with other eyeshadows, to create, or 'transform' those shadows into shimmery duochrome shadows! When using these over a dark eyeshadow, they really pop, and create such a gorgeous sheen. You can even mix these together, to create a gorgeous mix of colors. I just can't get enough of this! So glad I picked it up for an amazing $3!

Kali M.

So this was the first E.L.F product I have tryed and it will deffently be something I continue to buy. I could really tell the difference,I think it's very nice to have. MY STORY:So I was at school and I didn't have enough time to re do my eyes fully and was haveing to rush and my next class started it 10 min. but I didn't worry because I had this in my bag and it made a big difference! I love the Eye Transformer buy E.L.F and have told many friends to go buy it! <3 :)

Hope C.
Not great.

I am a big lover of E.L.F Cosmetics, but i wasnt thrilled by this product. i didnt really notice a difference when i combined it with other shadows to make them 'transform'. You could try it for the price, as all their products are so affordable, but honestly, i'd give it a miss !

Anna W.
Key word: transformer.

This is a really great $3 wonder.

I love duochrome shadows, but don't have many. With this kit, every shadow I own is potentially duochrome.

The idea is that you layer one of these on top of another shadow to add an iridescent effect. The darker the shadow, the more apparent the color-shift is.

A lot of my shadows are matte, but by layering one of these over a matte shadow, you can add shimmer and dimension. It's really made a difference in how I use the products I have. If you're someone that has to have every color in every finish, this is a great and inexpensive way to have it all.

Another reviewer said she thought they were powdery. I have not had this issue, though it may be because I use it over products that already have a little 'grab.' Also, a little goes a long way. Packing on loads is just going to look frosty and weird.

Louise-Lesley J.

I got this because it'd be great when I was at work and had no time to fully re-do my eyes. I thought, "Heh, I couldn't use transform the eyeshadow I was wearing!"

Er.. not exactly. It goes on ridiculously powdery and just looked cheap compared to the eyeshadows I already had on.

I do use them alone or as a base though. They are nice like that.

Kikikulala L.

i luv this especially when you put on top of dark shadows.