Studio Cream Blush

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Amber R.
Great product, sucky packaging!
Photo of product included with review by Amber R.

I love this cream blush! It's not quite a cream, it somewhere between a cream and a powder. Kind of feels like a creamy sponge lol. Really gives me a lit-from-within glow! I just hate the packaging though, its so bulky! Full review and swatches at http://tinyurl.com/6mzfgs3

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Jessica R.
Great Product-Good dupe for Bouncy Blushes

These blushes are lightweight and feel much like a spongey texture. They produce a significant amount of pigment but not quite as much as the ideal cream blush. I'd compare this product to be more like the Maybelline Bouncy Blushes and a great dupe/cheaper alternative. If you're looking for a flush of color on the cheeks then these would be great for you.

Lisa U.

Good, but not great. I like the colours and the bulky packaging. These blushes are easy to blend and you can build up your desired colour easily. Personally, I like to wear these to create a slight flush because after a while they tend to get a little powdery on my skin.

Joviana K.

I bought one of these blushes in "Seductress" thinking from the swatch on the website that it was a nice rosy pink. When i got it it was a bright hot pink that didnt seem wearable! I've figured out the right amount of product that looks best, but the pictures are not true to color. Also i was expecting a cream but the product is more of a mousse. I do like how it dries as a powder, because it makes it easier to blend.

Laura O.

I like the consistency of this blush, because it't not sticky, ends up feeling like you're applying a powder. Big plus for me. On the other hand, the colors on their page are really deceiving. I bought three shades and two of them were drastically different in person, and I wasn't a huge fan of their actual color.

Victoria D.
Poor Pigmentation

I really wanted to love this blush. The color I got was gorgeous, but when it came down to it, the color just wasn't there when I applied it. It applied nice, somewhere between a cream and a powder texture, and you get a ton of product. But I find that even after I build it up to a color I want, it's faded/gone by a few hours later. This one is a miss for me.