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Studio Angled Foundation Brush

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Tianna D.
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I tried the regular E.L.F. Foundation brush and had few complaints with it but curiosity got the best of me and I bought this brush. I'm so glad I did! I reach for this brush everyday without fail. I love that it's small so that I can make sure I get the full coverage look that I crave. The fact that it's angled helps me get areas like under my eyes and around my nose. Best $3 dollars I ever spent!

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Andii J.
Sooo soft!

Soo soft its amazing makes your foundation looks good:) does its job couldn't ask for me:P when you first get it out of the packet it smells a you should wash it then use it:) use the brush shampoo..:)

Kikikulala L.

does its job, very durable, soft!

Megan U.

I use this to put on my liquid foundation every day. It is my first experience with using a foundation brush, so I don't have a lot to compare it to. It is a little small, but I have found that it does get the makeup on pretty evenly, as long as you're careful to cover your entire face. Definitely makes makeup easy to blend

Kalyn A.
Not great for foundation, but...

I find that this is too small and flimsy to be useful in applying my foundation, but it's really great for applying a cream highlight to the top of my cheekbones. The angled shape makes it really great for this!

Drea L.

Flimsy, awkward & stiff - leaves a streaky coverage. Not very soft either - well, not as soft as other foundation brushes I have. It's awkward. I don't use this.