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Aubrey C.

Overall this stuff is okay. Decent for the price.

The formula itself is pretty decent. I think the fault lies within the packaging. I personally am not a fan of glosses with a brush applicator. More often than not it will cause the gloss to go on streaky and uneven.

So I have to say, for the packaging alone, I'd vote no-go on this product.

Julia M.
Pretty good

I purchased 9 shades about 2 years ago. (All colors except for Muted Mauve) The colors are absolutely beautiful, they are pigmented just like any other lip gloss. These glosses has a nice candy scent to them, which isn't overbearing at all. They are a little sticky but still comfortable on the lips. Once the color is applied, it stays on the lips for a good hour before the color starts to fade, and after about 2 hrs total the gloss is completely gone. It holds up pretty good while eating and drinking, and the gloss does not bleed outside the lip line. I would recommend this to anyone starting out with makeup, but if you are looking for some amazing lip glosses, then keep looking!

Jade M.
Good but creases

I have three shades of this and I am not crazy about them because they create a ring around the lips but the shades and the pigmentation and the thickness is great plus I really personally appreciate the brush tip

Sarah G.
Not For Me

I am very surprised by the good reviews for this, maybe I just got a bad tube. This stuff would not apply evenly, it went on very streaky and looked terrible. I tried applying it alone and over lip balm- neither worked. Maybe I should try a different shade? But, for $3 at least I'm not out much.

Zipporah K.

If you are looking for a pigmented gloss that is only 3 dollars this is it. The color selection is not a huge one but there is a good range of pinks. These are only slightly sticky but not bad at all the staying power is really good for a gloss and are great for giving you lipsticks a little bit of spice or can be worn alone like i like to where them. They arent drying but i would say that they are very moisturizing they are in between. I dont really have anything majorly bad to say about them the price is right and i absolutely love these lip glosses. I would purchase over and over again.

Victoria D.

I love this lip gloss! I picked up one, just to try it out, and I definitely want more! I like that it's thick enough to stay put for some time, and I don't have to reapply constantly. It doesn't really have much of a smell either, which is nice, because I quickly get sick of smelling the same artificial lip gloss scent all day. It is a sticky gloss, but not sticky to the point where I have globs of it gluing my mouth shut. Definitely worth the $3!

Santana V.
Love the Glossy

I love these glosses! they are my most used lipglosses. The colors are nicley pigmented and they stay on a decent amount of time for me. I would get all but i am not a major fan of pinks. Love!

Sojourner W.
My Favorite Glosses!

I absolutely LOVE e.l.f products and this one is no different. I had never tried them before because after my lip gloss catastrophe with the really messy and sticky Hypershine glosses, I thought I would never try another gloss from them. However when one of my favorite YT gurus Rai raved about them, I knew I had to try! She was right! These glosses are highly pigmented, super glossy, and have a nice smell too. I own 3: Ballet Slippers, Muted Mauve and Berry Blush. I can't say I even have a favorite...because I love them ALL! I probably wear Muted Mauve the most because it's a really nice nude color, but honestly I love all 3. For school (high school, I'm a senior) I don't like wearing lipstick to often because it would never last since I constantly drink water and I play the flute, but these glosses are perfect because I can wipe it off if needed and not feel like I'm wasting it like I often do with lipstick. Plus, for the price of only $3 how can anyone go wrong?

Pros: -Price -Pigment -Texture -Packaging -Perfect for on the go!

Cons: -Avalability (only online unfortunately)

Shannon T.

I got 2 colors - Merry Cherry & Dragon Fruit and now I love them loads! It's my everyday gloss since I got them. It's pigmented although it doesn't look like it but a tiny bit sticky in my opinion. As far as I'm aware, the stickiness keeps the color on longer. It does stay on for a reasonable amount of time and I love the color!

Wynell R.
Photo of product included with review by Wynell R.

I have the one in dragon fruit and I'm in love !!!! its creamy, pigmented and not sticky at all.Its a buildable color. For only $3 I'm going to get them all