Eye Shadow Palette Limited Edition


Krystal C.
Great palette for everyday!
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Eyes Lips Face has wonderful eyeshadows at an inexpensive price, they also provide useful palettes that you can easily create many wearable everyday looks without having to buy a lot of products. One of my favorite palettes in the Essentials Eye Shadow Palette Limited Edition in Natural. It comes with 6 shades of neutral based light shimmer shadows. I have been using this palette lately and for only $3.00 it is well worth the money! I have even used these shadows wet for a more vibrant look. This palette has very inspiring shades, I have created so many different looks with these colors; from subtle neutral looks to darker smokey looks. Sometimes I even use just one color on the lid and a highlight on my brow bone, inner corner and cheeks bones for a 5-min look.

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Emily C.

I needed a new set of browns for everyday use. I like ELF for the price. I hate that it seems like all makeup now a days has way to much glitter. I do like how pigmented these are and that they seem to be hypoallergenic.

Dinah D.
It has its pros and its cons

The good: The colors are beautiful, they are very pigmented and the packaging is great. Comes with a mirror and a brush so you can do your eyes on the go.

The bad: The shadows crack easily and fall out all over the palette. To solve this I always blow the palette with my breath so that I don't have a huge mess in the container. The fall out on your face is also tremendous if you're not careful enough.

Kendyl S.
it's both good and bad

I do think these colors are pigmented for the most part and is great for every day. However, I hate the fact that there is so much shimmer in all of them, and the shadows are so soft that you create a HUGE mess when you use them! Not only is there fallout on your face, but the whole palette becomes a mess - a giant Ke$ha induced mess.