E.l.f. Professional Complete Set Of 12 Brushes

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Chloe T.
e.l.f. brushes are cool if that is all you have

My cousin is a mother of 3, and loves how economic friendly these are. I actually clear the shelf of the eye shadow brushes, but besides that my other brushes are better. Ecotools, Real Technique and Sigma perform for me better. But for beginners and those on strict budgets these are great

Jasmyn E.
Great set for such a cheap price

At $1 per brush, this was definitely a wise investment for my kit. The brushes are great sizes for their purpose. The handles seemed a little slippery, but it's negligible. It's a great starter set for budding MUAs looking to build their kit for cheap.

Shanete R.

i just recenty bought elfs foundation brush and i love it. i was using a triangly sponge to aply my foundation, and it worked pretty well, but with the brush its like i'm painting the the make up on face so i'm getting fuller more even coverage vs as to what i was getting with the spnonge. so i'm loving the brush.

Laura G.
e.l.f. haul

last week i order online and started shiped to my door delievery. that one i like brow roll because need lift more time to see clear on bone. i had other products of lift and fullest for brow ivory and medium. very clear my brow, look so great. i love that kind. i do sometime to take out to make up. i like so much. :) one thing i forgot, i order all some items and brush set 12. i love e.l.f products because good prices.

Tiffanie C.
Great value for every day use!

The work horses of my brush collection! The face/ powder brush was a bit scratchy, and the foundation brush is better for blending concealer. The stars of this pack are the blush/contour brush and the contour eye shadow brush..all the rest are really handy. Warning The handles do slip off from time to time, but surprisingly the bristles themselves don't shed much.

Fancie B.
Not a bad set!

For $12 you can't go wrong! It comes with an array of face and eye brushes. I don't really use the face brushes much but they're not bad at all. I really, really liked the eye brushes. Especially the shadow brushes! Unfortunately after a few months the ferrules come off and need to be super glued back on. A bummer, but still pretty nice for a buck a brush!

Nichole W.

First & foremost, for the price I paid for these, I really can't complain. I found this set at Target the other day, and had been looking for some new brushes. Most of them are decent, but I do wish there were a few smaller brushes for applying eye-shadow. I end up using the liner (eye & lip) brushes to apply small pops of colors of my eye lids. Which really isn't a big deal since I don't generally wear lipstick...I thought e.l.f. was a bit of a higher end brand, honestly...I was surprised to see it at Target.

Nikki S.
most of these brushes are wonderful

I got this set, and it was my first introduction to make up brushes. I love most of the brushes in this kit, but there are few that are too rough or I just generally don't have a use for them. But overall I think this was a decent investment for what I payed, and its a great set for beginners!

Kai K.
Great bang for your buck!

I have the 9 piece brush kit that came in a roll. However, I own all of the brushes in the kit above.

Purchased these half off during one of ELFs "break time" sales. They are very good for the $7.50 I paid for them. I haven't noticed any shedding since I've had mine (I've had them for over a year now and use them on a weekly basis). In terms of performance, the eye brushes win. They are great. The face brushes aren't as great as the eye brushes, however, THEY GET THE JOB DONE! If you don't want to walk around with your special stash of brushes, I suggest snagging this brush set. Great for travelling (comes with a nice roll), and gentle on the pocket book. Again, it'll get the job done and relatively painlessly.

Taking the price into consideration and the amount of brushes you get and the fact that they perform well. I give em 3.5 stars.

**The only thing to note..if you have sensitive skin, the bristles on the face and blush brush might irritate your skin.

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Victoria K.
good for what you pay!!

good for what you pay!hope they last ....they come with a very useful case!they are ok for everyday use...for professional use , maybe you need other brushes...but I got them a month ago and I have no bog complaints.

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