Beauty Encyclopedia - Everyday Eye Edition


Lauren H.

This was the first product I got to use by them and I just couldn't believe how pigmented and nice they go on for ONLY $5. I can use these colors for every day use, it's the perfect pallette full of neutral colors. I've had it for over a year and I haven't put too much of a dent in it either!

Lisa M.
Great Deal

I love this. Very nice colors. Great for an everyday look. The price is amazing! I use the cream shadows as a highlight under my brow. Works good for that. Some of the shadows have a lot of fallout but that doesn't really bother me. I think it's a great deal. Didn't disappoint. I'm happy I bought it.

Lilah N.

I think I might own every single encyclopedia that they came out with! I love that they are only $5 and they come with a bunch of colors that you can either use everyday or for night time! Great deal for 12 colors!

Sicily J.
love the color choices

This was the first e.l.f product I ever owned I got it for Christmas along with some of their brushes. This is great for everyday use the colors are really nice not as highly pigmented as I would like (so a good primer is needed) for them to stand out, but all in all I love using this.

Laura C.

For the price it amazing only for 5 dollars you can't beat that. it have great coverage and you don't have to pack on a lot. i would consider buy a few of their eye editions i did and i have been using them fro two months now.

Drea L.

This is nice!! I do use a primer w. these, but in general, they are really light & fluffy. Granted, some of these are a bit chalky, but they're easy to work with. They have such a large collection of colors. So many great crease, lid & transition colors, This has everything you would want. :)

Tiffany M.

The shadows are pretty pigmented and lasts okay for me (given I use a primer with it). It's definitely a decent product for the price. I like how it has a mix of matte and shimmer colors and its really convenient for traveling.

Kristen I.

I really like this. Great for anyone who likes neutrals. You can create a few different looks with these. The cream shadows work great as a base, so you have everything for the eye in this book

Amelia R.

I HATE glittery eyeshadows. I bought this expecting neutral colors, and more than half of them are PACKED with glitter. There is a large difference between shimmer and glitter, and this was glitter.