144 eyeshadow palette


Tandy N.

I purchased mine on black friday for a discounted price, and I've loved it ever since. There are a few shadows though that aren't very pigmented while others a VERY pigmented, but the palette is still great in my opinion.

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Isabel O.

i love it!! and its lasted me so long! comes on easy! I used it when I first started and it was cheap! I did my first makeup tutorial using it!

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Dereanna D.
Literally the best thing ever!

I've had this for over two to three years now and I still love it as much as the day I got it. You can do soooo many eye looks with this and can use the matte brown shades to fill your brows in. It has such gorgeous colors and the pigmentation is great. Love love love this. I love this more than I like my naked palettes! You get so many shadows for such a great price, I definitely recommend this!💜

Adri K.

I love elf so amazing this product is great for young makeup beginners like me! Love this palette!!!! I definetly recommend in investing in everything elf, this pallette offers some shimmer some matte some nuetral some bright, All amazing!

Megan K.
Lots of neutrals

I got the neutral of these. I really likes the palette and how many neutral colors were in the palette for the price. The only problem I had was a lot of the colors were very shimmery.

Sadie F.
LOVE this!
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I love this palette because it's so inexpensive and it has so many natural and dramatic colors.I use this almost everyday and it's very good quality and it has so many different looks you can pull of by using this! (:

Sierra B.
Pigmented shadows and lots of colors!

I use this almost everyday, and the color selection is amazing! You have brights, neutrals, mattes, shimmers.....it really is worth the affordable price. ;). The shadows are also very buttery, which sometimes cheap shadows can be rubbish in that area. These don't crease very often on me, but I also try to use a base before I use any shadow, drugstore or high end.

I would pick this up if you haven't yet....quite good quality. :)

Krystal F.

I actually enjoyed this pallete. I use it a lot and it works wonders. I don't have a problem with the pigment. I use VS eyeshadow Primer and these colors really stand out and last for quite sometime.

Emily W.
Best palette available!

I use this every single day! The colors are bright, pigmented, smooth, and apply very well. I have used every single color and not a single one was chalky or sheer! There is a great mix of satins, shimmers, and mattes as well as brights and neutrals to create just about any look you could possibly want. For even brighter colors that last all day, I use the e.l.f. eyelid primer then NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a base under the shadows. SHAZAAM! Intense colors that last all day (or several days, if you are lazy like me and don't wash it off every night).

Jennifer M.
I adore this!!! <3

This is my go to palette. I use it for everything from tutorials to my everyday makeup and I use it a lot to play and come up with new looks! I would totally buy this again!!! =)