Bamboo Eye Shading Brush

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Zoe-Lou Å.

This is the first eyeshadow brush I've bought and it does the job perfectly! The bristles are really soft and they're easy to clean AND they never fall out! I bought it for a good price from Boots. Totally worth it!

I'd recommend this definitely.

Overlea C.
Favourite eyeshadow brush!

This was the first 'individual' eyeshadow brush that I bought when I got into makeup about a year and a half ago and I love it. It's really soft, affordable, hasn't shed on me ONCE and on top of everything, it's eco-friendly! I've still yet to buy their other brushes though but I'm pretty sure I'll love them too.

Jessica N.
High end quality

Ecotools brushes are a great way to start your brush collection. They are wondeful in all regards: affordable, great quality and they are available in most drugstores. I love the way these pack color for a fraction of the price (compared to other brands).

Catia M.
great brush!

I love to use this brush with mineral eyeshadows or loose eyeshadows. It really picks up the product without it falling down all over your face. its soft and a great brush to add to your collection. i always use this.

Gracey H.

this brush gives great aplication,and works well with any eyeshadow. I use this brush for every time I put eyeshadow on. I think all ecotools brushess work wonders and are nice and soft!!!

Cortney S.
Affordable and High Quality

I have to say how nice it was to find High end quality brushes at drug store prices. I use this as well as their concealer brush and they work just as good as my Sephora brushes at just a fraction of the cost. Recommended*

Coco M.

This brush works wonders on my crease and on my brow bone. Unfortunately, it's not the best at contouring my nose, but it still gets the job done. I would totally recommend it, especially because it is so cheap!