Bamboo Blush Brush

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Rebakah G.
Perfect blush brush

Use this daily and love it! No shedding, has a perfect shape, and applies blush evenly. Bought mine from the best prices on ecotools that I could find. Use code JTJ060 to get $10/$40 or $5 off anything less. Had my brushes within 3 days cross country!

Chrissy S.

My favorite blush brush ever! Perfect size, perfect shape, and the texture of this brush is so heavenly! It works really well with all powder blushes, and can even blend cream blushes! Tip: Apply the cream blush to your cheeks with your fingers, then use the blush brush to blend it out!

Abby S.

I absolutely love this brush! I use it every day and I've had it for about two months. the bristles are super soft and gentle on my skin. Something I've been doing is sticking in front of the a/c when I am hot, so when I apply the powder/bronzer/blush, it feels cold on my face. This is an extremely nice brush, especially getting it for only seven dollars. I would definetly recommend this to a friend.

Hannah D.

I've had this for about two years now and I love it! The hairs are super soft and animal hair free. The bristles dont have a synthetic like feeling, they feel great on my skin and it does'nt irritate my acne. Thats the greatest part. I use it for blush and sometimes powder, very rarely thouh.

Shinay W.

honestly i love this brush, i use it to blend in liquid foundation (weird i know) and blush its perfect for both, so soft and i've had it for about a year and its still in perfect problems with the handle or anything breaking off so its amazing to me!

Katie J.

I like this brush and how it applies blush but I think it's kind of a weird shape. And I wish it was just a tad smaller. It's soft and I got it on sale so I can't complain too much. Overall, this brush is just okay. I've used better and will continue to search for the perfect one.

Mia C.
Soft but handle comes off easily.

I cannot express how much I love EcoTools brushes. They're soft and super affordable but I do have a gripe--a major one at that. I've gone through two of these brushes because the glue holding the brush to the handle just didn't hold up. While I was verrrry careful with how I washed these brushes, they both ended up the same way. If they found a solution to this, I'd be a lifetime customer.

Rina N.

I love this brush because it's super soft! The quality is extremely good due to the price. I came upon it from watching Youtube videos and Ecotools are my only makeup application brushes that I have. It's easy to clean whether its spot clean or washing them. No fall out it applies powder, brush and, bronzer really well. Couldn't be anymore happier with this brush along with all of Ecotools brushes!

Anita S.

very dense, good quality, seems a bit expensive but bought it in a pack and for sale! affordable for others but i still think it's on the.. mid expensive side i guess (mostly cuz there are never sales on these ecotools yet shoppers ones have 40% off sales - but this is much better!) no shedding <3 not use to how dense it is and it's easy for me to pick up too much of my blush! need to get use to this

Kalyn A.
My everyday blush brush

I love this brush! It's super soft and picks up the perfect amount of bush for me. It gives me really nice, even color and is the perfect size for my cheeks. You can't beat it for the price.