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Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream


Azusena G.
It really helps the healing process!

I heard about this Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream and immediately gifted it to my mother. She was bitten by a spider on her chest and it left a huge wound. After three weeks, the wound healed a bit but remained a ugly scar/scab. She’s diabetic, and people with diabetes sometimes have high levels of blood glucose, and over time, affect the nerves which then leads to poor blood circulation, making it hard for blood - needed for skin repair - to reach areas of the body affected by sores or wounds. This can be a huge cause for concern as it can cause an infection (my moms biggest fear).

I requested my mother use this twice daily and applied directly to the scab/scar. She’s only been using this a week but her skin is healing faster than it usually does! We were so shocked by how well it’s healing. The scar has almost completely disappeared as the skin has almost fully healed. It may not be a miracle worker, but it definitely assists with the healing process! My mom now swears by this product and I’ve seen the results myself so I will be purchasing more!

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Diana P. Team

I use this cream to help whenever my skin is raw, irritated and distressed. It's given me relief after shaving, especially where my underarms get extremely sensitive, as well as when I'm sick and my nose is red and chafed. I've also found it really great for sunburns! While I don't use it every day, I'm always glad I have it around when I need it because it soothes right away and promotes healing quickly. Definitely a staple product for me!

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Victoria L.

I have only been using this for the past week but I can feel the difference my scars are finally beginning to fade away. This was purchased to even my skin tone as it had rave reviews and was recommended by dermatologists. I will update at the end of the month.

Cynthia G.
Good product.

The texture is a bit thick, I use it at night, locally, and my skin shines a little after. But I do not care because it is effective. This product really helps the healing and soothing. It is not miraculous, but effective. I also use to moisturize a dry button just before applying my foundation. I recommend this product!