Reverse Lip Liner


Bec S.
This is a life saver!

I'm obsessed with OCC Lip Tars but have had a hard time wrangling them. When I found out about this I purchased one and have been in love ever since. My Lip Tars stay put and I can relax because I'm not worried that my lips are migrating all over my face.

Jasmine P.

The Duwop Reverse Lip Liner has saved my lips a million times. I've always had a problem with feathering when it comes to lips especially when I put any kind of gloss over lipstick. Without fail I the color will always feather and putting a lip pencil on doesn't help either. This is a life saver. It acts as a barrier to stop your lip product from feathering and goes on clear so that you can't see it.

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Amanda K.

im so glad i purchased this. i always have an issue with lipliner. i can apply it, sure, but i always thought, isnt the purpose to hold it in? therefore by where im applying it im cutting off half my lip.. then if i went outside the natural lipline with it, well hey drag queen, whats up?

then came this.. you apply it outside your lip, aka on your skin, lol... it feels waxy... and it just contains all your lip colour perfectly.. <3 and its clear so it matches all colours.. love!