Duri Cosmetics



Jenna G.
Best base coat around

I have been doing nails for about five years now, and i have used a lot of base coats but DURI by far is the best around. It has saved so many of my clients nails. Its like its a magical product. I have seen brittle nails stop breaking, soft nails harden up and short nails grow better with this product. I highly recommend this

Romee H.
must have for nail product!

I was nail technician for long time, I love using Duri Rejuvacote as base coat for myself and for clients. It really works like magic(result shows really quickly i couldn't believe it)! This Rejuvacote will make nail stronger, help grow faster and it has tinted pink color so you can use it by itself for clean and heathy look nails. I highly recommend it with out thinking twice!