Dr. Jart+

Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25


Alexandra M.
Great BB Cream But Only for Some People

I've been using Dr. Jart BB creams ever since I first heard about the Korean BB cream craze years ago. They don't make me break out like so many other similar products do. Water Fuse is my favorite, but I'm going to try the newer V7 variety as well, this weekend.

These BB creams are definitely not for everyone. They come in one shade only. It's light with a warm undertone. I have cool undertones, but the water fuse still works well for me because it's lighter than the other Dr. Jart creams and the coverage is very light as well. I only use a small amount because I prefer VERY light coverage. I'll still use some concealer if I have a blemish, but this BB cream is a good base and improves the appearance of my pores quite a bit.

Caitlin D.
It's an average BB cream

There is only 1 shade for this which is very annoying because so many people are different tones. Luckily my skin tone was quite close to it, however it was a little too orange. It's oil free which is good for people who suffer with breakouts easily, and is quite moisturising. It is a light coverage BB cream but is quite thick. It does cover mild redness but not huge problem areas. I have normal/dry skin and dry patches are shown easily for me, this product was really nice when i first put it on my skin, nice and moisturising, but after about half an hour it began to go semi-matte and show some dry patches. It comes off quite easily, and would recommend for people with normal skin with hardly any problem areas. I purchased this in the summer and wore it everyday in that season, and it does the job but I feel a BB cream doesn't quite cut it when covering problem areas.

Marisa A.
All For One & One For All

I received a sample of the Dr. Jart+ Waterfuse BB cream in my May Birchbox. Immediately, I fell in love with this product! It has the moisturizing and skin care properties of a tinted moisturizer and the color pay off of a foundation. This product takes the place of a moisturizer, primer, concealer, and foundation. The most unique attribute of this BB cream is that fact that it has less of a dewy finish then most BB creams than I have tried.

I have fair skin with yellow undertones. My skin is dry to combination. I washed my face, used a toner, and then directly applied this product onto my skin. I applied it with my fingers and then set it with Lorac's POREfection Baked Perfecting Powder using a fluffy brush. I pressed the powder into my skin instead of brushing/buffing it in.

Application: I used my fingers to help it seamlessly blend into my skin. Color: This product appears very light, but it blended into my skin tone seamlessly. Texture: This is very lightweight, moisturizing, and fairly thin.

Alice W.
Feels great on combo skin, whitens skin tone

I normally wear just concealer and a powder, but I wanted to change things up a bit. As someone with combination skin, it didn't feel oily or gross: it felt really light and nice. And it provided good coverage. And if you use powder, it lasts throughout the day very well. However, I didn't want anything whitening, and this definitely does that. The concealer I use with my normal skin tones looks more yellow on top of the BB cream, so that was unfortunate. Pros: -fair amount for the value (50mL/1.7 fl oz. for $32) -SPF 25 -good coverage for relatively good skin -buildable coverage -feels nice/refreshing, not cakey Cons: -washes you out (especially in pictures) -you might have to buy another concealer to match your new skin tone Overall, I think it's okay. I might buy it again if I can't find anything better.