Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner


Madison P.

This conditioner is FABULOUS. My hair is extremely thick, frizzy and curly. It's hard for me to find any conditioner that keeps my hair hydrated and soft. But this conditioner worked wonders on my hair! I can't exactly remember what it smells like since I'm currently out of it, but I know that the smell isn't awful. I leave this in for about 3-5 minutes, it doesn't take long to really condition your hair. I bet if you left it in longer then it would be a really good deep conditioning treatment. I definitely recommend this to everyone, especially if your hair is thick, curly and frizzy!

Elizabeth S.
Fine Frizzy Hair

I dye my hair a lot and since its really thin it feels rough. This has worked great, smells good and its a fair price about 5$. What I do to get better results is wash my shampoo out then apply a good amount of this conditioner and cover my head with a shower cap.

Stormie T.

I got my hair done like a year ago, they told me to use this to keep my hair moisturized I've been using it ever since. It leaves my hair SUPER soft and I always get complements on the way my hair smells! I've repurchased more then 4 times!