Donna Karan

Cashmere Mist


Renay K.
It was given to me as a gift

I love love this perfume. My all time favorite. I wore it so much my bottle was empty in about a month and a half. Its time to restock. I will be wearing this scent all year long.

Linda S.

It has a clean scent. It's light but makes a statement. You can wear this fragrance all year long. It's one of my go to perfumes and get many compliments on it. I love that it's not overpowering and it doesn't give me a headache. Love it!

Corn P.
Light and Sexy

This scent is AMAZING. It is a very light scent but it is also really sexy. I'd say it is for 17+. It is not sweet enough for young girls to wear. I really enjoy that I can spray this on at 8am and still smell it on me at 10pm. It lastsssss! If you like Sarah Jessica Parker's "Lovely" fragrance, I'm sure you will like this one. It is similar (but better).

Pamela W.

This is a scent for the summer. When you want something light and clean this is the scent to go with. When I wear white this is the perfume I reach for. You can't wear white without putting this one to complete the whole assemble.

Summer W.

I really like this perfume its nice clean and sensual its easy to where this is usually my go to perfume for running around. Its mature enough and the men seem to like it. Its not overpowering that's why I like this so much.

Monica A.
soft and sexy

I absolutely love this fragrance. Very soft & sexy. Kinda reminds me of a lingerie shop or a sachet...I always buy mine around mother's day because of the great gift set with the shower gel & body lotion. Great buy!!!

Kaelyn L.
This is my ULTIMATE fragrance!!!

I absolutely LOVE this scent!!! Cashmere mist is (IMO) a sexy scent that is classic! I don't like to have scents that are something a 16 year old would wear and I don't like powdery old lady scents, so when I found this I feel in love! It is a scent that I have got stopped in stores before from people asking what it was:)It is not "in your face" offensive! I recommend it!