Dolly Wink

Liquid Eye Liner


Liz P.
best eyeliner ever

I just adore this eyeliner, the best tip makes it so easy to apply and wing out. Its very black, smudge proof, and user friendly. I just say enough good things about this eyeliner

the brush tip is very fine/thin, but firm enough to give me enough control to draw steady lines. no smudging, but the pigmentation is watery and greyish sometimes. it's inconsistent but not so that it isn't usable. it will stay put once it's on. a nice, easy to apply liquid liner.

Celine d.

I like how pigmented and waterproof this liquid liner is. The brush is so precise that winging out the liner is so easy. In addition to that, the packaging is just so adorable and cute! :> However, it fades within the day that I have to reapply it.

Claudia C.
good pigmentation, may rub off easily

Actually, this is the first and only pen eyeliner I have used (after looking at some reviews). In contrast to other pen liners, this one does not have a felt tip, but more a brush like tip! It applies very easily, and gives a nice deep black color. However, when I use my eyelash curler after I apply the eyeliner, it does rub some of it off. As a result I prefer to use this with my heated eyelash curler. I purchased this for about €10-11 (shipping included), so I don't think that's a bad price for what I got.

Leslie H.

I've repurchased this eyeliner once and while I think it's decent, honestly, there are other brands that make a very similar eyeliner that are not as expensive. It's easy to control because of the tip and because it's a pen, but it's not as black as I like my liquid eyeliner and does not stay on for a very long time. It's cute but average.