Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue To Go


Lexi L.
simply amazing scent!

this is my scent!!!!! XD lol I absolutely love this perfume, very addictive scent, I can't get enough. Especially the man scent too, my bf and I have the dolce & gabbana light blue and mmm we smell sexy ;) lol

Shani F.
Light Blue long lasting

Truly enjoy this scent. One that last long time and smells just as good when you first spray it as it does a few hours later. This is a stable in my perfume collection and I recommend it to every female who enjoys a light flower note in their perfume.

Margaret V.
a staple in any woman's fragrance collection

a must have in any woman's collection. the beautiful fresh citrus notes are so distinct and. yet wears quite diffeeently on each individuals skin. I find it slightly musky and the bergamot beautifully pungent bit in no way overwhelming. a rather intoxicating scent understatedly sexy. but not a come hither type scent.

Tamara  W.

This is my absolute fav fragrance of all time. I smelled it on my cousin and told her I loved it and then she just sent it to me in the mail. This is my signature. It last all day. I would recommend the whole set. Omg luv luv luv this!!!

Vnessa I.
absolute fave

I was given this as a gift when I was like 17. Ever since then it has been my go to fragrance and signature scent. I have quite a collection, but stay stuck on light blue. Scent is sophisticated, yet fun and very refreshing

Kay J.

This is my favorite fragrance hands down... I get so many complements every time I wear it. It's not strong but the scent stays with u all day it's certainly worth the money!

Jeanette M.
My fav!!!

Love this fragance, is my favorite!.. Is a little expensive but is really good.. Smell is fresh, sexy and long wear.. I use this day or night because isn't heavy.. Is the best fragance of Dolce & Gabanna.. Recomended 100%!

Lyndsie  T.

this smell is amazing EVERYONE notices this no matter where you go you really don't need a lot at all I use this for going out to special events or holidays.I really need a new bottle! it is expensive but i haven't heard anyone complain about how it personally smells on them

Makenna K.

this smell is orgasmic I love it so much and lasts very long..I would put it on for school and when I went to cross country practice I still could smell it when I was running.