Be Delicious Fresh Blossom


Shelly T.
Beautiful and subtle

This is a fantastic fragrance, definitely great for the summer months, and also my go-to. It's not overpowering; it's quite subtle, actually -- a good one to have in your collection if you want to wear something but want something soft.

Faith J.

OH MYY GOOD THIS IS MY DREAM PERFUME AND I CANT NEVER HAVE IT:!!!!!!! :'( thats sad it doesnt exsist in my country at alllllllllllll! :'( :'( bad luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karolyn C.

i usually only use body spray instead of perfume. this is the first perfume i ever bought. i absolutely love the girly and pretty scent. i think this is perfect for a romantic dinner with your sweetheart. you don't need to use much, a little goes a long way.

Lacey E.

My favorite of the DKNY Be Delicious line. I was trying to decide between this and the Givenchy Play perfume..... I went with this perfume. love love love it. It's so feminine and pretty smelling.

Charlotte B.
I Love the scent

this is perfect for summer as it has a nice floral/apple scent. I mainly use it as a body spray and although the packaging is cute it sprays kind of like a jet of water nota mist and it sprays slightly upwards, so keep that in mind. A little goes a long way so you dont need much. Overall a good perfume. xoxo

Marykate T.

i love this scent! but i do smell a bit of musky, manly undertones so if youre looking for a pure girly perfume this probably isnt for you. But its fruity, sweet and fresh, and very clean smelling. Once i was told it smelled like i was wearing lemon pledge while wearing this but besides that its been all good feedback from this little gem.

Pati P.

I saw this at Sephora, and decided to try it. I didn't like it much, but it wasn't the worst perfume I've tried. I guess it isn't the type of smell I usually go for, but I wouldn't recommend it