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Dita Von Teese

Erotique Eau de Parfum

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a feminine, warm scent. the woods and musk with the peppery spiced rose is absolutely beautiful, the leather note keeps it sexy. sillage is surprisingly minimal--it's a close, intimate scent that won't enter a room before the wearer does. sophisticated, seductive yet comforting in a way that pulls you in.

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Bethany N.

I bought this item for two reasons.. 1- I love Dita! 2- The description of the scent was perfectly to my taste & I wanted to try it so badly! I never buy perfumes really.. most are too flowery & fruity.. but this is rich & earthy & lingers like soft incense.. I love it! Highly recommend it & will surely buy again!

Cynthia O.
The smells of Middle-Eastern Incense.

This is what this eau de parfum smells like. it reminds of the incense that is burned to perfume a room & what the older women use to smell their abyass. The smell is an intrique & haunting is designed to tempt a man's senses. I know my husband cant stop smelling me. The only bad thing about this parfum is it does not last long on my body, thus only 4 stars.

Deming C.
High quality - scent may not be for everyone

This perfume is dense and very long lasting. An incredible value for the cost. I only knocked one star off for personal's not my favorite of her perfumes. To me, this is a fairly masculine scent (in a good way.) It's strong and earthy, and on me smells most strongly of leather. Very cool to have for certain occasions, and I'm glad I bought it, but it's not something I can wear everyday. A great statement scent.