Mitzah Collector Palette

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Mercedes M.
Fun to play with.

This palette is high quality, as expected from Dior products. It comes in a rather large navy blue paper board box. Inside is a numbered print, the eyeshadow(which is quite heavy) with a velour pouch, and a tiny brush that also has a pouch. The colors are gorgeous -- true leopard shades -- the darkest brown is a good eyeliner because it's almost black, the middle shade is a yellow tan color, and the lightest shade is a good highlighter. Overall, the colors aren't that special and are hard to wear due to the yellow undertones. The color goes on smoothly(if you can pick up just one shade). It works best with the brush given due to the minuscule area between the colors. The darkest brown tends to get on the other shades and makes everything else look very dirty. I love Dior so I had to try it and it's fun to use if you have a lot of extra time while getting ready(or just like playing with makeup), but I wouldn't recommend it.