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Lip Maximizer

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Leah A.
Amazing product

This a fabulous product. It plumps and moisturizes your lips while also giving them a very sheer glossy pink that can go over almost any lipstick. I got in a gift w/ purchase at the Nordstrom trend show, I'll definitely purchase this item when I run out of my deluxe sample size :) for me it actually made a difference in my lips, so probably not for someone who doesn't want bigger lips.

Durga B.

This product is great for those girls who want to rock a real sexy, simple lip. It's a rose pink which enhances your natural lip's color and also makes your lips look more fuller but it doesn't give you those duck lips lol which is fine! I tend to go for the natural look anyways. I put this on before I go to bed and wake up with smooth lips, I absolutely love it. It's worth the price ladies! Alittle bit goes a long way.